Bridge over the Tiber

Descending from Cecanibbi into Pian di San Martino, and then out towards the road to Orvieto, in the distance you can see the remnants of a metal bridge that, until the 1980s, was—with the exception of a ferry—the only means of crossing the Tiber until you reached Ponte Cuti, a mile or so further west.

The structure, relocated to this site from Valdarno in 1953, is a British “Bailey” bridge, installed by the Allies in the second world war.

The bridge has recently undergone a major €1.2m restoration, with new concrete anchors at either end, guard rails, decking and lighting, opening up a new crossing point for pedestrians and cyclists to the river walk connecting Cecanibbi to Ponte Rio. On the eastern bank is a new park forming part of a wider regeneration of the town.

Looking north along the Tiber from the middle of the refurbished footbridge

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