Before the fall

We’ve returned to the house for what is likely to be the last time before the reconstruction works begin. We were expecting demolition to have taken place by now, but the approvals have taken much longer than we expected, largely to the changing legislation governing the “superbonus” we will be using to help fund the works.

In our absence there has at least been some progress…we discovered in the summer that the electricity supply to the house was ancient and needed replacement. Initially we expected to have to fund this work ourselves, but following investigation by the utility provider it seems that because ours was the last property on the line, the cost is borne by the network themselves. We arrived at the house to discover a new small structure built, we assume, to house the new meters and the incoming supply.

The latest update from our architect seems to indicate that works will now be starting some time in February, and with an estimated programme of fourteen months, we’re hopeful that we can spend some time in the finished house in the summer of 2023.

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